Since 2008, we have become Europe's largest distributor of LFP cells. In 2021, we also established our own ELERIX battery cell brand and a division dedicated to the development and implementation of complete home and industrial energy storage systems under the AMVOLT brand.


Over the course of our existence, we have helped thousands of customers around the world design complete battery storage solutions of all sizes. As a result, we have amassed a completely unique know-how that you will hardly find elsewhere in Europe.

All products in the portfolio (including solar panels and other energy components such as inverters, battery management solutions, chargers or charging stations, etc.) are thoroughly tested and selected from proven manufacturers directly by the GWL Group's technical department. This ensures that only the highest quality products make it into our portfolio.


Our strategic advantage is an average stock of 12 MWh of the highest quality LFP cells available in our Prague warehouse. This has led us to create the AMVOLT brand - a European manufacturer of complete battery systems of all sizes.

We continue to use the same strategic advantage to develop and design replicable battery solutions for customers with self-storage needs.

The range of our customers' focus is truly broad: from freight locomotives and industrial equipment to ships, transmitters, robots, lawn mowers, as well as coffee machines and more.



That's how we started in 2006 - GWL founders Michal Klečka and Jan Sedlák DIY-ed an old Golf into an electric car capable of driving 250 km on a single charge. They chose LFP cell technology (LiFePO4).

Thanks to their unrivalled durability, performance, recyclability and above all safety, these cells have become the imaginary king of battery technology worldwide and GWL Group has been there from the very beginning.

Annual reports

Year 2021 - Batteries delivered to customers: 25 821 MWh, annual report 2021
Year 2019 - Batteries delivered to customers: 21.726 MWh, annual report 2019
Year 2018 - Batteries delivered to customers: 17.780 MWh, annual report 2018
Year 2017 - Batteries delivered to customers: 18.530 MWh, annual report 2017
Year 2016 - Batteries delivered to customers: 19.866 MWh, annual report 2016
Year 2015 - Batteries delivered to customers: 21.194 MWh, annual report 2015
Year 2014 - Batteries delivered to customers: 21.862 MWh, annual report 2014
Year 2013 - Batteries delivered to customers: 15.801 MWh, annual report 2013
Year 2012 - Batteries delivered to customers: 11.138 MWh
Year 2011 - Batteries delivered to customers: 4.375 MWh
Year 2010 - Batteries delivered to customers: 1.299 MWh
Year 2009 - Batteries delivered to customers: 0.196 MWh
Year 2008 - Batteries delivered to customers: 0.003 MWh

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