Development and design of replicable battery solutions for customers in need of own battery storage systems

Apart from AMVOLT products our technical department designs tailor-made LFP battery storage systems for various manufacturers around the world.

If you need a battery system in your own product, we can solve the whole technical problem for you and even supply the necessary components for production.

AMVOLT LV Battery Container
150 kWh o velikosti 10 stop


Czech Electric Bus – SOR Libchavy

Peak Shaving – AERS

Electric Shunting Locomotive – Romania

Pinguino Electric Ice Resurfacer – W. M. GmbH

Electra Premium Mower – Swardman


Energy management analytical tool to reduce energy
consumption by up to 40 %

We offer a system for in-depth measurement of energy flows using IoT sensors and subsequent analysis and optimization of operations for energy-intensive companies and manufacturing plants. Analysis and optimization are performed for all types of resources such as electricity, gas, water, heat, air pressure, nitrogen, etc.

• Proven savings: electricity up to 37 % | water up to 62 % | heat up to 58 %
• CO2 reduction of up to 86 %
• Average payback period: 0.5–2 years
• Central monitoring of real-time data from sensors of different manufacturers
• Modular architecture allows the tool to be expanded to multiple plants
or buildings (also suitable for municipalities)
• Recommendation of energy consumption peaks regulation and modelling (peak-shaving) is included
• Predictive maintenance, anomaly detection, proactive alerting
for technology maintenance team deployment
• ISO 50001 certification
• 150+ installations

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