Most frequent use-cases for GWL Group's products

Our batteries and know-how into your products
Since 2010, GWL has supplied tailor-made LiFePO4 battery packs to more than 150 electric busses by SOR Libchavy. Other such references of our clients vary from electric ice resurfacers to electric loan mowers. Whenever you need a battery storage for your own products, GWL can provide know-how and battery components or whole packs for serial manufacturing.
Small stationary battery storages with our cells
We have always around 12 MWh of LiFePO4 battery cells in stock in Prague. We use them to manufacture our own compact AMVOLT energy boxes (5-14 kWh, modular, scalable). We also supply our LFP cells to various manufacturers, PV integrators and DIY ethusiasts all over Europe.
Large BESS applications with our LFP batteries
GWL uses LiFePO4 cells to manufacture own BESS solutions under the brand AMVOLT. We are also proud supplier of LiFePO4 cells for our clients. For example ESS projects developer Wattius Battery Solution in Spain or AERS BESS containerized systems in Czechia.
Midsize LFP battery storage systems
GWL Group produces AMVOLT 35kWh and 50kWh 60V scalable battery modules. Similar applications are replicated by our customers all over the world. We happily provide the necessary components, mainly the LFP battery cells from our stock and the vital know-how.
LFP battery cells for boats, caravans and DIY
DIY or professional. Many customers use our stock of components for enhancing their campers, caravans or boats. For example, our French customers from Arctic Lab Expeditions used our 12V/60Ah LFP cells as a starting battery and 12x 3.2V/90Ah cells connected as 4S3P into a 12V/270Ah battery pack as a board battery.
Solar systems (PV) from our components

GWL provides full range of components and devices for PV system installations, including solar panels, chargers, inverters, cables or mounting systems. We supply customers installing 2 kWp or 2000 kWp, the size does not matter, we have large stock in the heart of Europe, making logistics simple and affordable.

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